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Main tasks


Fishery-biological investigations

Fish and Environment M-V, reg. association
www.fischumwelt.deneues Fenster

Current investigations

University of Rostock
(Department of Biomedical Sciences)
www.biologie.uni-rostock.deneues Fenster

Investigations on algae and their possible economic use

University of Rostock
(Department of Biomedical Sciences)
www.biologie.uni-rostock.deneues Fenster

Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
(Pharmaceutical Institute) Fenster

Vegetation investigation

Institute of Applied Biology and Landscape Planning (bioplan GmbH)
www.bioplan-online.deneues Fenster

Economic considerations

Centre of Agricultural Advice Service (LMS)
www.lms-beratung.deneues Fenster

Underwater video observation, data transfer included

Unterwassertechnik Kordian
www.unterwassertechnik-kordian.deneues Fenster

Stanley Security Deutschland GmbH
www.stanleysecuritysolutions.deneues Fenster


Main tasks


Construction site management

KNABE Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
www.knabe-ingenieure.deneues Fenster

Responsible for the execution of the construction works

Heinrich Hirdes GmbH
www.heinrichhirdes.deneues Fenster

Construction of reef elements: Tetrapodes

Beton-Theil-Werk GmbH (BTW)

Construction of reef elements: Concrete rings

Hass + Hatje GmbH
www.hass-hatje.deneues Fenster

Construction of reef elements: Reef cones, Algae tables

Beton Fertigteilwerk Rostock GmbH (MFTW)

Overseeing of the installation of the elements

Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH
www.baltic-taucher.deneues Fenster

Inspection and repair works on the underwater structures

Bautaucherei und Bergungsbetrieb Barth GmbH Fenster

Main contractor for the installation working platform Nienhagen and mast Rosenort

Per Aarsleff A/S
www.aarsleff.comneues Fenster

Steelwork (Working platform Nienhagen and mast Rosenort)

Stahl-Bau Ribnitz GmbH
www.stahl-bau-ribnitz.deneues Fenster

Container construction for working platform Nienhagen

Rosoma GmbH
www.rosoma.deneues Fenster


Main tasks


Public relations

style-KÜSTE Fenster


Weiter geht’s!

Am 01.09.2019 ist der Start für die weiterführenden Arbeiten im Riffprojekt. mehr

26.08.2019 I Thomas Mohr


10.01.2019 bis Ende Februar 2019 in Bad Doberan mehr

14.01.2019 I Thomas Mohr
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Third-party fund projects supported by the European Fishery Fund (EFF) of the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection Mecklenburg-Vorpommern